August table

Designed in 1989


This adjustable table was designed by Shigeru Uchida for the guest rooms of the Hotel Il Palazzo, project led by Aldo Rossi in Fukuoka, Japan. 

The hotel “Il Palazzo”, the latest project of the winner of the 1990 Pritzker Prize for architecture, was formerly a modern landmark in the city focused on a square and a facade of a new classical order. Inside, there are projects by Shigeru Uchida and Ikuyo Mitsuhashi, as well as four variously inspired bars, designed by Sottsass, Kuramata, Pesce and Rossi himself. 

Shigeru Uchida’s design August series announced in 1989. “Uchida Shigeru II Palazzo” Exhibition (1989 Yurakucho Seibu Department Store).
The number of existing August series is very small. 

Lacquered wood

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