Land table

Designed in 2015
Original and unique piece
W 155 × D 135 x H86 cm (table) / H 56 × Ø 31 cm (stools)

The Land Table was released in 2015 at Uchida’s last exhibition, the “Decoration Today”. He took three different forms from topography in Japan in different colors and sizes. 

Complex lines that cannot be created by an individual’s arbitrary operation are attractive to Uchida, such as the island-shaped lamp and the bar table taken from the shape of the Italian peninsula designed in the 1970s. 

Since the early days, he has used the method quoted from the actual natural form. He thought that citations would be a communication tool because they would contribute to a common understanding with people. 

Table top: wood, UV coating  Leg: Stainless steel, hairline finish. 

Price on request
Ref code: TAB00011