Dining table for Sumi Memorial

Designed in 1957
Manufactured by Tendo Mokko
W139 x D86 x H70 cm

This dining table was designed by the architect Kenzo Tange for Tendo Mokko, a highly influential furniture company established by woodworkers in northern Japan in 1940. Amidst postwar rebuilding efforts and expanding consumerism in the 1950s and 1960s, furniture makers like Tendo Mokko produced and marketed a number of products for government, corporate, and domestic clients. Tange was one of many architects who collaborated with furniture manufacturers during this time to develop pieces to complement their buildings’ interiors and create a total aesthetic. Wood and stone, adapted to modern forms, constitute the main materials of its design. This often constitutes a rereading of the traditional forms of ancestral Japan. In its new modern concrete architecture, the furniture becomes sculpture.

One of his most important furniture orders was in 1957 for the Sumi Memorial Hall in Bisai; it is one of his first furniture creations. He designs a full line of furniture including low tables, chairs, armchairs, in molded wood, of traditional inspiration. Like its architecture, their form is very minimal, removed from any decor. 

Edition from 2019. Production has stopped since.