Designed in 1953
Very rare original edition

Manufactured by Tendo Mokko

W42,5 D50 H80 cm

As many icon chairs, this dining chair designed by Junzo Sakakura and Daisaku Choh has been redesigned many times until now.

Our pieces are the original version in 1953. 

The 2nd version was made for the international’s House of Japan 1955, for the house of Fujiyama Aiichirō in 1957 and the upholstery used for the house of Matsumoto Koshiro in 1958. 

The 3rd one is the one presented at the 12th Triennale in 1960, which has a racquet structure on their legs. The 4th one is the current model.

There wer also another one sold at the Habitat of England.


Beech laminated plywood and oak slicing board

Price on request
Ref code: SEA00002