Balloon Table

Designed in 2023
W900 × D900 × H370

‘I had the opportunity to visit Venice in the autumn of ’22, a time when the city was still grappling with the restrictions brought about by Covid-19. The atmosphere was remarkably quiet, and the city seemed burdened by the weight of it all. The memory of that subdued Venice remains vivid in my mind.

Now, as we approach the summer of ’23, I am thrilled to announce that I will be hosting a solo exhibition in Venice. Thankfully, the grip of Covid-19 has loosened, and the city has once again come alive with its characteristic vibrancy.

Nevertheless, the serene and solitary scenes from my autumn visit continue to resonate deeply with me. It is this impression that I aim to capture in my design. I have decided to create a table that embodies the essence of that oppressive atmosphere. A heavy glass slab will symbolize the suffocating air that enveloped the city, while delicate balloons on the verge of being crushed will represent the resilient people of Venice during that challenging time. These balloons long for the day when they can once again regain their buoyancy and soar freely.’

Satoshi Itasaka

Ph: Ikunori Yamamoto

ABS, Steel, glass

Price on request
Ref code: TAB00040