Manufacture E&Y, Japan
Edition Nunchi Editor

Manufacture  E&Y, Japan  

W40 x D30 x H40 cm each

This stool composed of two materials (sponge and wood) whose hardness are different. The sponge produces comfort and the wood produces stability when sitting. The two materials cut with a semi-circular pattern just touch without any steps and gaps. In other words, they are not bonded.

Although it is a very ordinary stool as structure, it is expected to function as a part of a set by such form, detail, and production accuracy. It is the collective furniture that consists of several pieces as a whole, and also becomes a table, shelf, and partition depending on the arrangement and the presence or absence of sponge. 

Polyurethane, plywood of Tilia japonica

Price on request
Ref code: SEA00007