Mushroom Lamp

Designed in 2011
W420 × D420 × H450

After the end of the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union, the crisis of nuclear wars was believed to have disappeared. However, even after the Cold War, some countries like India, Pakistan, China, France, and North Korea have continued the development of nuclear weapons. The crisis has not yet ended. As of 2021, our planet has an incredible amount of 13000 nuclear weapons, which are capable of annihilating the whole earth several times over. Under these hopeless circumstances, what we can do to aim for a nuclear-free world is to have concern about this issue, to deepen our understanding, to have discussions, and to continue to advocate the elimination of nuclear weapons. We create a catalyst by incorporating Mushroom Lamp into our daily lives, and to help to lighten the hearts of those who hope for peace in the world.’

Satoshi Itasaka

Ph #1: Gerda Studio

Ph #2 #3: Ikunori Yamamoto


Price on request
Ref code: LIG00045