Balloon Mirror

Designed in 2023
W900 × D900 × HFREE Mirror : φ800 D40

The energy we receive when we look into the mirror in the morning can greatly impact the course of our day. It is beneficial to uplift our mood and greet ourselves with a smile when we see our reflection. With this intention in mind, I have designed a mirror suspended in the air by balloons. I firmly believe that anyone standing before this mirror, with balloons floating in the sky, will experience an uplift in energy and wear a smile. The mirror is securely constructed with an anchor on the ceiling, from which it is suspended. My hope is that people can use this mirror to groom themselves and start their day on a positive note, embracing the potential for a wonderful day ahead.’

Satoshi Itasaka

Ph: Ikunori Yamamoto

FRP*, Steel, wood, pink mirror.

*Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Price on request
Ref code: OBJ00096