Balloon lantern

Designed in 2022
W400 × D300 × H300

During the summer of ’23, an exciting opportunity came my way: the chance to showcase my balloon series artworks in the stunning city of Venice. With my strong connection to this incredible place, it felt like the perfect setting to bring my long-held dream to life – creating beautiful glass balloons that would stand the test of time.

With determination and focus, I embarked on a journey to the renowned island of Murano, known for its exceptional glass craftsmanship. The artisans there had honed their remarkable skills over many years. They effortlessly shaped the delicate openings of the balloons, ensuring a flawless design that could accommodate the insertion of an LED light source. Their attention to detail and precision was truly impressive.

As my vision slowly became a reality, the glass balloons I had imagined took on a tangible form. By incorporating rechargeable LEDs, these delicate spheres softly lit up the surroundings, creating a subtle and enchanting atmosphere reminiscent of graceful lanterns. Their vibrant presence never failed to captivate, defying the limitations of time itself.’

Satoshi Itasaka 

Murano glass (Simone Cenedese Furnace), LED, electric corde

Price on request
Ref code: LIG00046