curated by Satoshi Itosaka
30 Giugno— 23 Settembre 2023

‘From the day we are born our lives become more and more complex with each passing moment.

As child we are not completely aware of the things happening around us and we experience them as if we are floating in a dream.

Inside this floating realm, we are focused on that exact moment. As children, we don’t have many worries regarding past or future, we live in the present, understanding with all of our senses, experiencing everything for the first time, life itself.

For a child everything is new and unexpected but the older we get the more our memories of these moments start to fade. 

Little by little we become attached to the earth and many of us start to forget the feeling of being “light”, of staying in the present moment, not leaving that dream realm.

Life can be really hard and our personal experiences and traumas can push us far away from these carefree memories, but we hope that even those people who feel oppressed will be able to find the strength to fly high again. 

“This exhibition was born with the intent to bring back the ancestral feelings of joy, playfulness and dreams that, we hope, every one of us experienced in their floating realm as a child.’

Satoshi Itasaka, founder of h220430